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"These musicians bring nothing but professionalism to the table whether its in my studio at Ocean 98 or at one of their gigs. The variety of music and the way they put their spin to the music they do is nothing short of a dancing great time for everybody in the room. Fronted by powerful vocals with Amy behind the mic and strong musicians backing her, this is one band you don't want to miss!" - DJ Marla, Seacrets Radio - Ocean 98


"Petting Hendrix is an exceptionally talented cover band with animated guitarists, hard hitting percussionist and a lead vocalist with golden pipes. Petting Hendrix has a great following of loyal fans that will turn an event at your venue into a party not to be missed!" - Michael Brennan, Marina's Rock On Pub


"One hot chick singer multiplied by two red hot guitars plus one jamming rhythm section equals an instant party. Petting Hendrix understands that rock n' roll is supposed to be fun and ain't supposed to be rocket science." - Keith Thompson, WCTR, Chestertown, MD

"Their sets leave nothing to the imagination. They span the decades with something for everybody in the crowd". - Karen Stevenson,Great Scott Broadcasting, Georgetown, DE

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